by: Rebecca Taylor

**Previously Published by Barebacklit in 2014**

I can see the path you’re taking starting to crumble

like a cliff’s edge that you should stay away from.

My desire to shout a warning sticks hard in my chest

wondering how you’d take it.

I’m just a bystander in your life

someone you see every day.

Your life is on the verge of being upside down

like a hurricane rushed through it.

The way you’re fighting these fierce winds of change

is so unwise, you’ve got to give  some things time.

Feel sad, be angry, but don’t turn to destruction

this is no time for a collision.

Stay on this road and you’re going to lose

more than you think you already have.

Maybe you’d say I’ve never been where you have

you’re right but sometimes common sense must prevail.

The answers you need are not found in liquid,

you’re using it like a broken life raft.

This time you’re going to have to swim with strength

to battle the tumultuous tides in the ocean.