by: Rebecca Taylor

**Previously published by Praise Writers in 2013**

Complexities everywhere, questions and quandaries,

sadness, hurt and despair circulate

shutting out the happiness and humanity of situations.

And we all wonder why do terrible things happen?

Why did I not get the answers that I want?

How can this be?

And we know there is God in Heaven and do not understand

why he allows some things to occur.

How good people are called to be angels before their time.

How nature rears her head and changes life for ever.

Why machines fail leaving a path of destruction.

And what can do we do but join together and pray

to Him that He gives us answers and help.

That He finds a way to show us how to move forward

That He reminds us of how strong we are,

how to shoulder burdens and test our boundaries.

That He helps us remember to believe in hope, love and the future.