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Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Sandra J. Jackson for winning the Paradise on Paper writing contest for her short story “Forever an Echo.”

Sandra, please contact me at in order to arrange for you to receive the feedback to your story and to arrange for you to guest blog with us.

Thank you for entering the contest!

Rebecca Taylor

Paradise on Paper Writing Contest!

Paradise on Paper Writing ContestClick on the image to enlarge details of the contest. Thanks.

A Stepping Stone

by: Rebecca Taylor

For their latest win a fabulous adventure trip to the destination of your choice contest, three radio announcers were sitting around a table trying to decide who was the most worthy candidate. They had read over hundreds of submissions. There were a lot of I’d like to go on a vacation because I haven’t had one in “x” amount of years or I can’t afford to go on a vacation, but these didn’t stand out to the “judges.” The judges were down to their deadline, they had to announce the winner in two days time. They all agreed that whoever won would be thrilled but they wanted to do something more if they could. They knew that if they had to they could always just choose a name from a hat but the contest’s description was “win a trip for you and four others to a destination of your choice. Tell us why you think you should be the winner.” All of a sudden, one of the announcers came across an interesting entry. It read:

Dear Announcers of the RBL Morning Show,

There are a lot more deserving people in this world than me but I would like to share some words I have learned on this road of life. Some people are asking to travel somewhere, after all that is what the contest is about. I on the other hand have learned that the greatest adventure is life itself. When you have a family, a career and the people around you to think about, you may find yourself bewildered and wondering how to deal with it all. I believe that wise woman Eleanor Roosevelt said it best; she is often quoted for saying, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift.” We need to be thankful for the chance we get to live and experience so much. After an eight‑hour shift somewhere you may not think that the trip to the grocery store is an adventure but it is. Just as you can learn and experience new things on an amazing trip to Paris, France, you can while you’re out getting your week’s groceries. You may be wondering, how? The answer is simple, by paying attention to the things around you. In the fruit aisle, you may see a non-native item like a coconut and by taking it home; learning how to open it and tasting the flavour of a fruit unknown you can be a little adventurous. An adventure to your neighbourhood school with your daughter after a long day for show and tell and seeing the world through her precious eyes may be just the adventure you needed. Sometimes you will have a bad day but cheer up because once the day is over; it is in the past. Our gift of the present will soon enough become history and our tomorrows will become the present. With every passing day, we should just enjoy life because where we are now is just a stepping stone, a ripple on the big lake to a better tomorrow, a mystery unknown. It will bring us to our next adventure in life. A week in the sun at the beach or a trip to the ice hotel somewhere is great but if I had to choose between all the trips in the world and the life that I have, I’d have to choose where I am in my life today, just home from a day of work and rushing out the door to go to grocery store and then stopping by to pick up my daughter at her friend’s house.  


The announcers just looked at one another and nodded their heads. The writer of this letter didn’t win a trip somewhere but she and her husband and three children did get the cost of the trip and during spring break they went grocery shopping, chose the plants for their garden and a lot of other small tasks and were just happy to be together exploring their world and making their own adventures. Sometimes it is the little things in life that count. 

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