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Writing Prompt: Five Words

Our writing prompt for this week is to write a story using the following five words: bottle, balcony, strawberry, conversation, values. Comment with your story!

A Difference

This post is the response to a writing competiton/prompt from a year or so ago. The prompt was to write the conversation of two people you would love to meet. Eleanor Roosevelt and Rosa Parks are two women that I admire for what they have given us.

by: Rebecca Taylor

I am hot from the steaming liquid that fills me to the brim. My companion and I are fortunate to have been granted a wish to spend the day with two extraordinary people. The amazing opportunity to converse with Eleanor Roosevelt and Rosa Parks is not something that comes along every day. Eleanor’s hand touches my handle gently as she prepares to take a sip of her cranberry orange tea. I am a coffee cup and she could have chosen anyone of us that she wanted from the mahogany shelves at this quiet café but she chose me because I am blue, her favourite colour. Across the table, Rosa is stirring sugar into her hazelnut coffee, her callused hand shakes slightly. My friend, her cup is a mixture of crimson and black hues, like an abstract painting.
“I like this cup,” we hear Rosa say, “you see something different each time you look at it, to some people it is hope and to others it is fear, and I learned that sometimes they’re one and the same.”
“It’s interesting,” answers Eleanor, “it’s vivid and creative.”
“I’m proud to be meeting with you today, Mrs. Roosevelt, there was a time when that wouldn’t have been allowed.”
“Please call me Eleanor. Times have changed,” replies Eleanor, her kind smile evident, “the future for women and people of all colours and creeds must advance. If the world could progress to a place where we are all treated as equals, we could all have more successes and less heartache.”
“Your words have always been so beautiful, Eleanor. They have brought comfort to many people. Having someone say, ‘the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ’, is very thoughtful.”
“I’m glad that my words have that effect on people, but in my lifetime I didn’t plan it that way, it just happened that some people were touched by them and repeated them and for some my words became a motto.”
“It’s ironic,” answers Rosa, “John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ playing on the radio right now, especially when imagination is what we are here to talk about.”
“Yes, it is. Imagination can be a lot of things. Thoughts of what we want or ideas finding us, flowing around us like autumn leaves and the right ones falling in our laps.”
“Wow,” whispers my friend, the abstract cup, “Eleanor is so poetic. This conversation is so important. People coming back from the beyond to talk with us. We chose people who made a difference in the world. You can see it in their faces, they’re happy and relaxed.”
“Yes, I’m glad we decided to put our wish towards the greater good, instead of just choosing a movie star with a pretty face or something.”
“Yes, although some movie stars have important ideas for the future, you just don’t always see it in the roles that they play.”
“True,” I agree smiling as the afternoon breeze comes in through the open window of the café. The sound of Rosa’s handcrafted bracelet clinks against my friend.
The afternoon passes quickly and as daylight fades, my friend and I are carried into a warm soapy bath in the café sink. We slip into the delightful suds, the bubbles coming close to our noses and making us sneeze.
“This has been a good day,” says my friend, “I’m never going to forget it.”
“I wish people heard us when we talked,” I reply, “we are touched by so many hands, that we could make a viable difference in this world. We have a diverse bank of knowledge within us.”
“Imagine,” says my friend, “our pictures would be on posters everywhere, we could revitalize provinces and territories, making it better for everyone, because we honestly know what people are thinking. The most intimate conversations take place when people have us in their hands. If you’re talking to a friend over coffee, you’ll vent, and say how you really feel, unlike in a board room where your boss may be watching, a grimace on his face if you speak something that doesn’t fit his agenda.”
“I agree. We hear a lot of things here which should be said out there but people are too afraid to say how they really feel to the people that they should.”
“I’m glad that Rosa stood up for her believes, she was right to not give up her seat. We’ve come a ways since that day but some people are still so cruel and unkind.”
“Someday things will change, hopefully forever. Somewhere in the world, there are people like Rosa and Eleanor who have ideas circulating in their heads, ideas that they will take to the next level, because they set aside their fear and make some people’s wonderings reality.”
“I like the sound of that, soon we will be rinsed off and put to bed on our shelf, where we can dream splendid ideas for tomorrow.”

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