by: Rebecca Taylor

Much ahead for an average family

Until the door opens to a bar

And a man gets into his automobile

Turns on the ignition and drives down a street

Not realizing that his alcohol consumption

Has made him inept behind the wheel

A crash takes place and life is lost

Waves of fury, grief and sadness grip the people

That knew the one that was taken away

Jail time ensues for the one who caused the accident

His family too feels persecuted by his actions

The lesson to be learned as history keeps repeating itself

Whispers the man in his lonely dark cell

I should have given away my keys

Before they too were taken away

Please learn from me

Before you’re put away

And your future is bleak and grey.


This holiday season please remember to use public transportation, a designated driver or stay over if you are going to drink. Here’s to everyone getting where they’re going safely this holiday season. Please take care.