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Hearts United – Chapter 10

by: Rebecca Taylor

Sienna switched shoes and then climbed out of her car. She had decided to accept a date for the evening. She was really nervous because she had never met Ben Bates before but his letter had sounded interesting and she liked the way his voice had sounded on the phone. He wasn’t Todd Brody she told herself but what if he was a way of making her meet someone else, a way of being forced to meet other people, like he was the driving force behind her need for a proper relationship. Sienna walked into the restaurant, clutching tightly to her shoulder bag. She knew exactly where her mobile telephone was should she need to call for help. There were also plenty of people in the restaurant should she run into a problem. She knew that the chances were higher that Ben Bates was an upstanding guy but from some of the letters she had read, she knew there were some men who just wanted to meet what they described as an ‘oddity.’ There were other men who wanted to be the ones to make her forget that Todd Brody had ever existed to her and some like Ben Bates, who sounded like they were just looking for a simple relationship and thought maybe they’d have a shot with her. Sienna spoke to the waitress who was seating restaurant guests and she walked her over to a table where a young man was already sitting. He got up and pulled out a chair for her.

“Thank you,” said Sienna feeling surprised at the chivalrous action.

“You’re welcome,” he said, “I’m Ben, although you probably already guessed that.”

“Yes,” replied Sienna with a smile, “I’m Sienna. It’s nice to meet you.”

“I feel honoured that you chose to go out with me,” said Ben, “after all of the offers that you have likely received for dates.”

“I have received a lot of mail,” said Sienna, “I haven’t even read all of it yet.”

“So, if I may ask,” said Ben, “what prompted you to choose me?”

“I liked the letter that you wrote me. It was kind and respectful and you sounded interesting, and then when we spoke on the phone, it cemented my decision to take a chance and go out with someone who wasn’t Todd.”

“You really think he’s out there somewhere?” asked Ben.

“I do,” said Sienna, “and it’s a feeling that I haven’t been able to shake. This whole experience with going public with how I’m feeling and that I’m looking for him is something that I wouldn’t normally have considered but the feelings I’ve experienced for him are so strong that I have to know, if there is any way.”

“Love can be a strange emotion can’t it,” said Ben.

“I agree,” said Sienna, “and when I decided to come out tonight, I decided that I was willing to take a chance and see what happens.”

“To see if some of the qualities that you saw in Todd in your dreams, might be in a man closer to home?” replied Ben.

“Something like that,” said Sienna, “so tell me about yourself. I got a glimpse in your letter and on the phone, but I’d like to hear more.”

“Alright,” said Ben, “well, I’m an architect. I’ve worked on numerous projects but my favorites to design are log cabins. I have some pictures on my phone if you’d like to see them.”

“I’d like that,” replied Sienna.

They chatted easily discussing their careers and their hobbies, until it was getting late and time for them to leave.”

“Can I see you again?” asked Ben.

“I’d like that,’ said Sienna.

“I’ll call you,” said Ben as they walked out of the restaurant together.

As Sienna walked back to her car, she wondered who would fill her dreams that night – Ben Bates or Todd Brody.

As Sienna walked back to her car, she wondered who would fill her dreams that night – Ben Bates or Todd Brody.

Determing Emotion

by: Rebecca Taylor

Love is symbolized everywhere

Movies, books and songs

Some like me are a cynic

Until they get a funny feeling

A determining emotion that won’t go away

It plagues them and gives them feelings

Like in those media sources they have seen

And they realize that is what true love might be

This feeling that won’t go away

That makes their head spin

And their ideas change like a roller coaster ride

So fast and furious that they do not know what to do

Except hang onto the threads that weave that love.


by: Rebecca Taylor

I hear your voice and I’m happy

I see your signature and I remember

You walk in unexpected and my day is now the best

You make me feel things no one else can

Feelings soar like birds in the clouds

You can turn a hard day into a good one

I could want to cry but you make me smile

Your presence makes me bubble over

Like a water fountain bringing joy

Thank you for being special to me.


Shutting the Door to You

written by: Rebecca Taylor in 2007

Can people care too much, can they let themselves get hurt too often by leaving themselves open to love, friendship and compassion. This is something that I have pondered about in the past days, weeks and months. I don’t know if someone can ever really care too much when it is put in the right context but losing someone that you care about because of death, loss of friendship and differing ideas can hurt tremendously. The bottom line is we don’t want to get hurt in relationships with others and the only way we could avoid this would be to shut the door to ourselves and virtually become a person devoid of feelings. However, if we could somehow turn off our feelings, what would we become? In my opinion all we would become is a shell of a person and this would be doing ourselves and those around us an injustice because caring people have so much to offer society that not caring would be a disservice. Sometimes we need to step back from a situation when we are getting in too deep and in many professions we have to mask our feelings from time to time in order to efficiently do our jobs or cope with a situation but we should never turn ourselves off completely because in the end we will end up hurting ourselves and others around us a lot more than if we allow ourselves to feel the pain caused by the situation we may be in. We have to hurt in order to heal and there is no easy way to deal with that. If we feel comfortable talking about our pain with someone close to us it can help. Often we might have to justify our pain because it is so easy to think what if I just didn’t care or get close. However, if we are able to get past the fact that we might get hurt by caring we can have wonderful relationships with other people and make wonderful memories instead of living an empty meaningless life where we do not care about others for the fear of getting hurt. We need to care about others and reach out to them and don’t think about the fact that something may happen which could cause us to get hurt. Don’t shut the door to you, open it up wide, and see how amazing your life can be. The amazement that you find will be a beginning, new and without end.

Make ’em suffer

I like to write when I’m feeling emotional.

I don’t like to plot or plan or work out any sorts of logistics.

I just want to write. Sometimes I write it all out in a journal. Other times, I give my feelings to my characters. It helps me.

How to do this?

Pick a character

I often choose my main character because I usually know them the best of all the characters. However, it can be useful to choose a character that you don’t feel as comfortable with so that you can explore their personality.

Harness your feelings

Figure out how you feel about whatever is going on in your life. Identify what is going through your mind and what truths you can pull from the situation.

Give your feelings to your characters

Give your feelings to your character. In order to do this, you may have to come up with a situation that would make your character feel the same emotions that you are feeling. Then you can let your character explore the emotions and feelings.

Make ‘em suffer.

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