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Hearts United – Chapter 1

Over the next several weeks I hope to post chapters from this novel that I am working on. Your feedback would be wonderful.

By: Rebecca Taylor

Sienna Abbott took a sip from her coffee cup and then went back to keying figures into her computer. She pushed the thoughts of the man of her dreams back to concentrate on the task at hand. She enjoyed her job but wished that Todd Brody would walk through the door. There was only one problem, she had never actually met Todd; it only felt like she did. Thoughts of him lit up her heart like a glowing sunbeam, this man who visited her dreams every night felt so real to her.  The things she knew about him from their nightly rendezvous were immense, and she wrote them down every morning to avoid forgetting the images and information that filled her head night after night. Something told her that he was older than she by about twenty years, old enough to be her father, but he wasn’t and she didn’t him to be. Sienna felt that he was in the military and also had a young daughter. She knew that Todd wasn’t currently involved with anyone except for her and that he belonged with her. She had run computer searches for Todd Brody but there were hundreds of them in the country and the search expanded to even more if you did a global search. Besides, she knew that his military information would be restricted. Having never met this man who held her heart left her feeling so good yet so tied in knots at the same time, she didn’t know what to do.

Making Change

by: Rebecca Taylor

In a dark place is your heart

And it’s taking your common sense with it

I want to say the right things

But am confused as to what they are

I’m afraid you won’t listen anyways

Do I bother to give you the words I think you need to hear

Maybe you won’t want to listen

Perhaps you’ll walk away from me

This rejection is a chance I sometimes have to take

Sometimes we have to break silence

To make change.

Missing Link

by: Rebecca Taylor

There are clues everywhere

And they make me think of you

You are like a missing link

 In the chain of my heart

We no longer see each other often

But your voice echoes inside my head

As I try to figure out the meaning

Of the words that you said

There is danger in misinterpretation

Love’s engineering is complex

Like a steel structure.

The Heart of Things

by: Rebecca Taylor

**previously published by Perspectives Magazine**

The impulses that I was getting when my owner, Rona Marci first saw the perfect gown in the shop window on 3rd Avenue were something I only feel when I get really wound up. I started going kerthump, kerthump like I was doing somersaults. I’m Rona’s heart and best friends with Rona’s brain. Brain sent word down through the body’s tunnels that the most exquisite gown was in the showcase of Rose’s Emporium. It was flowing and a shadowy crimson colour. That was when my heart started jumping even more. My favourite colour is crimson but I am kind of biased being a heart and all, most shades of red catch my fancy. I just knew that I would look magnificent going out with Rona in a gown like that especially to the CCMA’s where Rona, a keyboardist for an up and coming country duo was going to be co-presenting the award for single of the year. When ever I hear Rona playing the keyboard I get up and start dancing with her muscles. We have a splendid time partying together.

My friends all say that I am very vain and like the finest things in life, that must be why I get so excited living with Rona. She has such an amazing lifestyle. Her clothing choices are always fabulous; I am so jealous of Skin for getting to touch those shimmery fabrics Rona wears and get engulfed in her perfume; her vanilla and orange blossom ones are absolutely heavenly. At least Brain sends me a whiff through the channels which I can savour.

Even though I treasure all of Rona’s finer things, I know that she wouldn’t have any of them without me. After all, it is my job to keep Rona alive. If I got tired and gave up, it wouldn’t matter how hard the rest of Rona worked because it is me who keeps her living. Her brain, other organs, and muscles help keep her up and running but without me they would be nothing. I don’t mind because this makes the rest of Rona’s body love me. They love me for keeping her alive and because of this, they feed me sustenance which keeps us all alive. This makes them nourish me with information about her; tell me secrets and bits of news about what is going on in the outside world. I love doing what I do because I get to be in the thick of everything but that is only fair, after all, I am the heart of everything.


Pick up and leave

Just go

Don’t stay because this life

Simply makes you sway

Like a tree that isn’t meant

To be rooted in one place

But is stuck by its roots

Into the soil


Don’t stay

Here or anywhere

Keep on going

Through the seasons of life

Into another country

Through another river

Up a different mountain

Around a new kitchen

Down another road


Don’t stay

Find a place

In someone’s heart

That you’ve never met before


Don’t stay

Pick up and leave

Just go

Somewhere else

Let yourself wander

Be unlike any tree

You’ve ever seen before

Heart of the Story

by: Rebecca Taylor

The human heart keeps the person alive but what is it that keeps a story alive? I believe that the heart of the story is as equally important as a human heart. However, it is much harder to define a story’s heart. Is it the characters, the emotions, the storyteller’s passion, or something much deeper and indescribable? Like humans, a story cannot live without many different things, characters, plot, conflict, a voice. One cannot really say that one of these is more important than another just as no human could ever say that they could survive if they had a heart and no lungs. A story should strive to be a passionate entity just as a human should, for without passion or a joy for life one really has nothing. A writer must have zeal for the piece they are writing just as a farmer must feel passionate about the animals they are caring for and the crops they are cultivating. Like any job or hobby there will be trying times, writers will get writer’s block and most likely typist cramp too every now and then but nothing worth having is ever easy. All bookkeepers occasionally hate numbers, all knitters become frustrated from time to time as their balls of yarn become tangled and they drop stitches but as long as you stick to whatever it is that you are doing, it will all work out in the end. Do not give up on your writing, your body, your job, or your hobby and most importantly on yourself. It is as Eleanor Roosevelt says, “One must do the things they think they cannot do,” and as much as one gets to a point in their writing when they say I don’t know what to write next or the number of rejection notes for one story is piling up and you’re thinking now where do I turn, you must go on. You haven’t lost if you keep going because some day things will just click, someone else will feel the passion, the heart of your story and know that it is right for what they are publishing. No matter what, it is you who must keep the story; the excitement of the story alive, you the writer created it and it is you who will nourish it and lead it through its life on a road full of journeys just as you would with a newborn child.

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