Previously published by Long Story Short.

by: Rebecca Taylor


Do not try to determine my lifestyle by the clothes I wear

Because I am made of many components

I wear many hats in one day.


Do not think that you can know who I am

By the make up or the jewelry that I wear

They can be a mask or a mirror.


Do not judge me by my age

Youth is not a synonym for irresponsibility

Any more than maturity corresponds with middle age.

And when old age creeps up

It does not mean I have nothing left to offer the world.


Do not speak down to me because of my gender

Male or female, we all have something to offer this world.

Do not form opinions of me because of my nationality

It only gives you clues as to where I come from.


Look at my personality; see who I really am

Take the time to know me

Before you decide whether or not you like me.


Listen to my words and hear what I am saying

Do not form preconceived notions

Based on my height or my weight

These are just genetic factors.


Think before you speak because if you hurt someone

That wound may become a permanent scar

Remember that all over the world, we are the same

Each of us, with our own qualities

Making us who we are, one of a kind

But one as well, a human being.