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To the New Year

by: Rebecca Taylor

The New Year has arrived and with it is a time for contemplation – remembering the ups and downs of the year that has just ended and what your expectations are for upcoming year. These expectations can come in many forms, they can be hopes and dreams and events you hope to partake in or hobbies you hope to explore. Through it all there are many important things which you must remember: take time for the people that you really care about because time does not wait for you to accomplish what you want before you have time to spend with them. This could mean spending time juggling your schedule to accomplish all that you want to do and still have time for those important to you. It can be hard sometimes to prioritize your life but you must consider the bigger picture. If you get invited to coffee and want to go but don’t know if you can’t because you have a bunch of other things that you should be doing, consider how you might be able to do both or what can wait. I don’t mean that you should continually procrastinate but you also shouldn’t pass up moments which could be very enjoyable when a load of laundry or dishes could wait. We often think about the big events in our life as having the most meaning and often times they do but you have to take into account all of the beautiful little memories along the way because in the end, those small memories add up to be the big picture – your life. With each small encounter, some which may go unremembered by you because they seem insignificant, know they could deeply touch someone. Often a smile or kind word can make a huge difference in someone’s life whether you personally know them or not. So I say for the new year, let’s raise a glass to each other, embrace human and let’s hope for an amazing journey together on this earth, because we can all make it an incredible place to be one small act at a time.

What Matters

by: Rebecca Taylor

****I wrote this in June 2013 and believe that it is important that we all consider this****

There are important issues to consider in the world – things of concern, yet if you read the news, you will see that it is full of fear and pettiness. However, the problem is that the ridiculous conflicts are infringing on some people’s human rights. Language is an issue, but I don’t think it needs to be. There is absolutely no reason why in Canada we cannot all live in harmony. It is the conscious effort we all make to communicate that is important. I consider myself bilingual (English & French). English is my first language but when I went to school I began to learn French in kindergarten. I can carry on a conversation with most people in French and if I do not know I word, I can speak “Franglais.” Many French Quebecers that I know try to speak English and if they do not know a word, they will say it in French. We manage to get the point across and that is what matters. Why are we fighting about one language needing to be larger on signs? Are we not all equal? There have been so many fights to be equal over the years – rights involving gender equality, skin colour, religion and sexual preference. It’s actually quite simple if you stop and think about it, we are all human beings. The next time you go to introduce yourself think about this fact. Where we come from is a part of our history and I can honestly say I like my small town roots, the history of my province and of my country but if it comes down to an argument of who am I, the best answer might just be “a person.” Let us stop the arguing and make a pact to get along. We should not allow a few people to cause pandemonium. We need to step up and say enough. Money and valuable resources are being spent to enforce language laws yet there are problems with our roads, our education and healthcare systems. Would these funds and human resources not be better used in places where they can benefit everyone?

Rosa Parks said, “Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome.” I say, let us join together and overcome our differences. We are all equal; we are all unique human beings who have much to offer this world, if we stand up and get it done. One step in front of the other will lead us down the road where we want to go, let’s start and we will build bridges as we go to make anything possible. There is a Kenyan proverb that says “Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.” Let all humanity be that bundle. Someone also said, “TEAM=Together Everyone Accomplishes More,” let these wise words be a lesson to us all. If we are all willing to set aside the pettiness and the fear, we can make good things happen. Things that matter. I believe it’s possible to make positive change, do you?

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Words from the Commandments

by: Rebecca Taylor

(written as a writing challenge several years ago).

I am the tablet on which God’s words are issued to all humanity to try and make the world a better place for everyone to live in. Sadly, there are many who have trouble abiding by the rules that God put in place.  There are ten brothers with a common goal written on me, to guide the people of the world.

The first of them is named “One” and his mission is to remind everyone to only follow God and not worship false gods. When he sees this law going un-followed, his tears run onto me and I am stained with the sadness One feels. I am old and have seen much pain over the thousands of years of my existence.

“Two” is the second brother, he and One are very close. Two is also responsible for turning people back to God, when they put materialistic items ahead of their spiritual wellbeing. Over the years, Two has seen how complicated his message can be. He knows that God wants his people to be happy, and he watches them strive to accomplish many things in an abundance of ways, but he grieves when he sees them wanting the wrong things. Two keeps his sadness deep within him, until his heart is as heavy as my stony surface.

“Three” is a simple commandment to follow. He asks that people not take the Lord’s name in vain. There is great sorrow for Three when he hears people swearing, Three is the most vocal of all the brothers who call me home. He often asks the others what he should do to help remind God’s people of God’s wishes.

“Four” who is the brother who is in charge of reminding people to worship on Sunday, says, “We must not give up. Times have changed since God first spoke. This doesn’t mean we stop trying, it just means that we need to find ways to reach people in this modern world.”

“Five” who commands everyone to respect their parents, is the most enthusiastic of all the boys. He likes to have lively debates and discuss re-education for both children and parents of all ages. He stirs my senses, his choice of words so poetic, that they captivate me. He works very hard to promote understanding and communication between the generations.

“Six” is the commandment who carries the heaviest burden. He tells the world to not kill. The pain in his heart reaches deep into my rocky soul, it makes a chill run through my stony spine when he weeps for someone who was found by Satan.

“Seven” sees a world of pain as well, as he tells people to not cheat on their spouse or significant other.

“Eight’s” words are also chiselled on my heart. He says, don’t steal. All of humanity must earn what they have and not take it from others.

“Nine” tells us not to lie, that telling false truths to others is deception which will bring no good to this world that he calls home.

The youngest of the brothers is “Ten,” he is in charge of reminding the world to not want what others have. He and Eight are constant companions, working together to teach the importance of non-materialistic goods and of being happy with what you have and not always wanting something just because someone else has it.

Sometimes when I listen very carefully I can hear the angels conversing with the brothers, giving them hope with their gentle words and knowledge, in the darkest moments, they can be heard saying, “Today was a tough one, but do not be disheartened, tomorrow can be better – you just have to go back to teaching. People will listen to you, I know it, and so does God. Look to the parables and the teachings of Jesus, the number of times he was persecuted, and the number of followers he gained.”

All of these brothers’ words are drilled into my heart. Together they spell out a better way for all of humanity. I watch them go out into the community and try to make the world a better place for both present and future generations. I feel their pain as it tears through them into me, but I also feel their joy when they see someone do a good deed. These courageous brothers know that each tiny gesture makes a difference and that one act of kindness can lead to a multitude of amazing endeavours throughout the world.  I often describe this teamwork approach like a spider web. Each person on earth is a tiny piece of silk and when each one does their part and joins with another, eventually the picture comes into focus, and the beauty can be seen, just like the completed web which is the home for the spider. I know that in the years that come, many great strides will be taken, and that there will also be some setbacks, but that if perseverance prevails within humanity as a whole and in the brothers who crusade with the words that God gave to them, that the road map for happiness throughout the world may someday be achieved. I will do my part by continuing to hold myself together and not break under the pressure of the heaviness of the words that are placed in my safekeeping.

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