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Magical Moments

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Songs that Impact Our Lives

by: Rebecca Taylor

Music is powerful and strong just like we all want to be. It has a way of saying what we want to say when we don’t know how. Choosing one song that impacted my life is almost impossible. We have to open ourselves up to the music and the lessons it can teach us. Songs like Blake Shelton’s “Some Beach” reminds us that when we are going through something difficult, to take a minute and envision our special place – our Zen place –  the beach in our minds.  A favourite of mine is “Keepin’ the Faith” by Rick Tippe because it has one of my favourite quotes “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift” by Eleanor Roosevelt and it tells us that even when things can get tough, to keep having faith and great things can happen. Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” is another example of a song that can push us forward in our lives because it demonstrates that life is like a mountain, that you’ve got to keep going, it’s not always going to be easy but that it is just as important for us to embrace our journey in life as it is the goal we are heading for. Some songs catch us because the words or melody are fast/slow depending on the mood we are feeling and we find ourselves singing along, or having our day turned around because of songs like Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” that just seem to made a bad day better. Music is happiness, music is love and despair and every emotion in between. It is the switch that can trigger a mood change or a revelation in our lives. It has a way of helping us through the rough times when we don’t have the words to say we’re hurting or confused. It is a form of medication that doesn’t require a prescription. Music is therapy that can impact us all in different ways. For example, Lonestar’s “Smile,” the heart touching song of someone smiling through the pain of someone leaving their lives so that, that person can be happy with the new life they are beginning. Music has a way of saying it’s okay that you had a life experience and you’re not alone. That’s music’s impact on each of our lives and for this I am grateful.

In Our Hands

by: Rebecca Taylor

In Our Hands
Life’s too short for trivialities
Moments lost worrying about things that cannot be changed
Uncertainty reigns worldwide
We must tell those who matter why and how much
Never end a conversation with a harsh word that might remain that way
Plans go askew and emotions confuse
We mustn’t make excuses to be unhappy
Or let ourselves be held back
Our future starts with us
How we live rests in our hands.

The Gentle Island

by: Rebecca Taylor

Two children ran along the beach laughing, their bare feet splashing in the water. Their parents sat on the porch of the beach house they were renting for their PEI vacation, their feet touching the wet, grainy sand. It had been twenty years since they had visited the island, the place they had met. They’d been in PEI for two weeks and were considering moving to the gentle island to escape their city lives where they worked a minimum of ten hour days. Not only did they love the salty smell of the water, the stars and clear sky were absolutely breathtaking.

            “This island makes people smell the air; watch the sunset, the ripples and waves of the ocean. The kids are going to grow up and have their own lives, they’ll grow up and move away…” said Marissa.

            “We’d be moving away from our lives.” replied Lewis.

            “It isn’t a home anymore, we don’t enjoy it. We’ve got to slow down; this island has shown us how to do that. Selling the house and our savings give us a chance. With fifteen years of experience, we could find other jobs, might not pay as much but we’d make out okay, we wouldn’t be bringing work home. We can play on the beach in the summer and in the snow in the winter with Abby and Jake. It is perfect, water, sand, bliss.”

            “Let’s do it, we can start house hunting tomorrow.”

            “We’re finally going to have our own lives again and to live on this gentle island would be like paradise.”

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