by: Rebecca Taylor (written in 2005)

Life’s so crazy

Some days it’s just hazy

I work all day

Waiting for pay day to get me through

But country keeps me sane

Walking down Ben Cartwright’s memory lane

Singing “Huckleberry” with Toby Keith

Watching “Big Valley” with Heath

Going to school, going to work

Trying to keep my cool

Listening to so many complain

I feel so drained

But country keeps me sane

A long walk past the cornfield

Writing a novel of days gone by

Reading a Louis L’Amour book

The phone keeps ringing

The kettle’s singing

I burnt supper

I just can’t seem to find the right picker upper

But country keeps me sane

Watching a John Wayne movie

Hearing a Kenny Rogers song

Watching horses run in their pasture

Some days seem to drag on forever

I forgot to format the letter

My head feels like it could bust

Nobody’ll agree to what we’ve discussed

Thank goodness, country keeps me sane

For the cup of campfire coffee

The sound of the guitar

And the fresh outdoor air.