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Truth in Love

by: Rebecca Taylor

How quickly perspectives change

Our minds tell us we belong with one sort of person

But heart’s reactions tell us otherwise

Then comes analyzing questions

Some based on fear

Others trying to find the logic

Truth is love is not analytical

But passionate

Based on trust and faith.


Moments of joy based on balance

Like two kayakers paddling in harmony to stay afloat

Pointed in the right direction

When things begin to go askew

They can be corrected.


Words said but not understood

Non comprehension at what was uttered

Sometimes we must look past the words to find the meaning

Protection comes in many forms

Hearts and minds have shields of armour

Sometimes it is the tongue, sharp witted like a blade

That slices the pain or shifts the blame.

Rumour Mill

by: Rebecca Taylor

The Rumour Mill works day and night

Grinding the truth into tiny particles like coffee

All it takes is a tiny bit for a strong brew

Once out of the pot, there is no pouring it back

The effects of the poison sipped in are everlasting

The burn lasts forever on the soul of the victim

Some manage strength by pushing the unpalatable lies away

Others fall target to the overwhelming fury of the overload

Caused by moving tongues building the heap of false information

And feeding the mill like a coal fired train

Someday honesty will find its mark

And place a closed sign on the door of the rumour mill

Freeing the nation from unnecessary pain.

Gratitude in Life

by: Rebecca Taylor

The call for submissions to a magazine a while ago gave me the opportunity to reflect on a lot of things in my life – of the people who I have met along the way, of the path I am currently on and the places that it leads. As the administrative assistant at the front desk of a senior’s home I deal with dozens of people in a day – both in person, on the phone and through e-mail. While some encounters may seem insignificant, I’ve learned that even the smallest tasks can have a big impact on the lives of other people – to dispel loneliness, to find someone the information that is going to make their day easier. The simplest thank you can make a big difference and change someone’s day and a smile may be the sunshine in the rain.


We can complain all we want about certain things in our lives, but the truth is that everyone is dealing with something. It is so easy to wallow in “me” but it is the little reminders that pop up all around us that help us see that maybe things are not so bad. We have many choices which we can make – one of which is to accept a situation and move on from it. This is a lot easier said than done sometimes for a lot of reasons – maybe because moving on means that we are leaving some people behind, or that they are leaving us behind. Some friends are only really with us for a certain period of time, we may try to keep in touch and we read each other’s status updates on social media – keeping us in the loop of events in their lives – their weddings, the birth of their children, the deaths of pets and people close to them, but our own lives and kilometres may separate us and we lose touch. With some people, we may be grateful for the time we had with them. With the more difficult people we encounter in our lives – we can either become annoyed or take it in stride as an exercise of patience.


Everyone comes into our lives for a reason, we have to be grateful for the time we have with the amazing ones and if they leave us – because their time had come to take a different path or God calls them home, we have to realize that they didn’t abandon us, but left us with memories to warm our hearts. When we think of these people, and smile, or hear their voices in our dreams, we know that we have been given gifts. Instead of being angry that these people are no longer in our everyday lives, we have to be thankful for the time that we had together. It is often our outlook that can make the biggest difference in our lives. Brian Tracy an American author said, “ Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” If we can try to be thankful for the things that happen to us, for the chance to live a life surrounded by kind people or memories of them and beauty which sometimes surprises us in the most amazing ways, we can take on life. Gratitude and positive thinking walk hand in hand helping humans to open doors to amazing possibilities in this journey known as life.



What are People Saying and Should You Repeat It

This week I decided to share an article that I had written with you. Feel free to comment or share. Thank you.

by: Rebecca Taylor

Communication can be a great thing but sometimes the wrong messages are being sent out. In this age of social media, e-mail forwarding and just plain talk around the town; certain problems have been known to arise. While it can be great to be interested in other people’s lives – sometimes things get out of hand. Rumours tend to pop up – and they can be hurtful. Some rumours are simply misunderstandings because someone didn’t get the whole story, or through the telling the details got skewed like a game of telephone that children play in elementary school. However, some people seem to derive pleasure from making up things and spreading them around. I would like to remind everyone about the importance of getting the facts right before talking about someone else. Before you spread something around – think about the other people involved. Is what you are planning to say going to cause harm, difficulties in relationships etc. Some rumours lead to allegations which could lead to slander.

George Washington said, “Serious misfortunes, originating in misrepresentation, frequently flow and spread before they can be dissipated by truth.”  Think before you speak because while the story might seem interesting now – what if you were on the other side? It is too easy to speak before we think.

For the person dealing with the effects of the rumour – it can be extremely difficult and in some cases severe emotional and relationship difficulties can take place. If you think it is important for someone to know a rumour for whatever reason – you need to think carefully. Sometimes, a rumour can easily be sorted out by going to the person that the rumour is about but this could be problematic as it would mean letting the person the rumour is about – know that there is a rumour and this could cause hurt. This gives us a vicious circle. Shana Alexander (journalist) said, “Trying to squash a rumor is like trying to unring a bell,” so once something is out there, the stigma may be long lasting even though there is little or no truth to what is being said.

We are all responsible for bettering our own lives and that of our communities – rumours are not helpful – they cause unnecessary aggravation. If we all make a conscious effort to think about whom and what we are talking about, we can help minimize the effects of idle gossip. None of us want to be the topic of a rumour and we don’t want the people that we care about to be either. It’s time to take back the conversation by considering what people are saying and should we repeat it or at least question it. You cannot believe everything you hear or read.

The Truth

by: Rebecca Taylor

It mattered, I had tried telling myself that it didn’t and I could move on. But the truth was, I couldn’t hide from the way I felt about my wanting to be a mechanic. My parents didn’t understand. My dad and his new wife thought I should go to an upscale college not far from them. After all, my dad had money now and he wanted to show people that he could make things right for his family after so many years of living from paycheck to paycheck. My dad hadn’t really worked that hard for his new money though, it belonged to my stepmom, her father owned a big corporation and my dad is reaping the rewards. Now, don’t get me wrong. My dad is a nice guy, but sometimes he doesn’t make the smartest choices. I know that he loves my stepmom, and he’s going to love my little brother or sister once he or she is born this fall, but that doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t want to listen to what I want. I’m seventeen years old and most of the time I live with my mom. We live in an apartment in the school district I grew up in. It’s a nicer apartment than the one we had when my mom and dad were together because my dad set us up. My mom said we were doing just fine on our own, but he insisted. I guess he didn’t want to look bad, him having so much and us living in a run-down apartment block.

            Who am I anyways? Beth Connelly, a senior in high school, who likes mechanics class more than any other class at school. I like getting my hands dirty fixing things and changing tires. I don’t want to go and see in a classroom and learn how to become the head of a company or a corporate lawyer or anything like that. My mom isn’t sure that I should be a mechanic either, but her reluctance is based on the fact that she is concerned that I will have a problem finding a job, because no one is going to want to hire a female mechanic, at least not for the right reasons, she said. I told her not hiring me because of my gender is called discrimination and that is against the law.

            “I know that,” she told me, “but you’ll be fresh out of school and that means you won’t have the experience everyone’s going to want to have and that will make it easier to hire a man over you.”

            “I’ll knock on doors, I’ll find somewhere, and someday maybe I will start my own garage.”

            “Those are pipe dreams, Beth,” she said, “you need to have a steady job, something that is going to feed you and pay the bills, otherwise you could end up working more than one job and never have time to see your kids or your husband.”

            “I don’t want kids or a husband, at least not now,” I had answered, “I want to have a chance to be a mechanic. What’s wrong with doing that? Most families own at least one car if not more, there’s work out there for me. I can go to the vocational center and get all the training that I need. I can get my papers in it; I’d still be pursuing a post-secondary education.”

            My mom and I changed the subject after that. We weren’t getting anywhere. I know she doesn’t have enough money to send me to school to be a mechanic anyways and my dad does but seeing as how I’m not doing what he wants, he probably won’t give me the money, but it doesn’t matter. I can work after high school, I’ll waitress or be a cashier, or pump gasoline to get where I want to be. For a while, I thought I could just go along with what my dad and stepmom wanted as if it didn’t matter that I had other plans for MY life, but I’ve changed my mind. Being happy matters and going to school and being bored because I don’t care about classes like corporate economics, isn’t what I want. Once I graduate from school, I will have to work for forty or so years before I can retire, doing what I want is going to matter. My family might not like it, but that’s too bad because I’ve decided to be honest with myself and with them. The truth is I am going to be a female mechanic and anyone who doesn’t like it can just learn to get over it. 

When You Don’t Have Time to Write

Sometimes I don’t have time to write. It’s the truth. I suppose some would say I don’t make time to write and I guess that could be true as well.

But there are some things I do when I don’t have time to write and there are a few things I do:

1. Keep a notebook or file or anything you can write on (I use my phone notepad, calendar, etc). This helps me store ideas for later use when I have more time. Also, it helps me remember ideas for a later time rather than losing them in my mind.

2. Let the story ideas come to you! I tend to get random story ideas from real life events later I twist and turn them so that they become fiction.

3. Imagine stories in your head before you go to bed. If helps me flesh out ideas and characters and then the next day I can rethink over my storyline and decide if I want to use it.

Those are my three tips for writing when you don’t have time. What are some things that work for you?


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