by: Rebecca Taylor

Yellow like bananas and sunshine, that was the colour of the baby blanket that Emily Houston held on her knee. It was three weeks until she would deliver her baby. Yellow was good for a boy or a girl, whatever her perfect bundle of joy was going to be. Secretly in her heart she had been hoping for a girl and she thought that maybe Tom was wishing for a boy, although they both agreed that the most important thing was that their child was happy and healthy. Emily knew what a girl felt and how she thought and what life had been like for her and she figured that Tom probably felt the same way, that he knew what a boy needed. He was good at knowing what she needed though, but she was a woman and that was different than a baby girl. Funny how a colour could make someone think so many things. Emily knew that colour was going to take on a whole new meaning in her life from what colours she purchased for the baby’s clothes to what colour the room that was now yellow would become in the next few years when they thought their child was ready to have a room that fit his or her personality. Emily was lost in thought for a few minutes until she felt the baby kick. That brought her back to reality and she went in search of her husband. She wanted to share every moment with him because life was soon going to change in a very big way. A wonderful way.